River of Life Midland

Whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again

Worship Leader

Darlene Lortie

Darlene’s musical journey started at a young age at home, then in church playing and singing in the front pew of a small revival church, singing and sharing the love of God.

Years later, with God being her hope and strength, she leads worship with James her husband, who is her partner in life and ministry. Together with the Worship Team, we are able to see people experiencing the wonderful love of the Father and the hope and grace he lavishes on them. To Go be the glory!

In her spare time, she loves walking by the water with her husband, fishing, painting and riding her 1982 Honda 70cc motorcycle.

Her desire is to continue to discover and experience the depths of the amazing love of Jesus and share His love with them.